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What is Flange gasket?

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Flange gasket is a can produce plastic deformation, and has a certain strength of the material made of rings. It is resistant to high temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistance, has a good compression rate and rebound rate. Most of the gasket is cut from the non-metallic plate down, or by the professional factory size required for the production of its material asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos sheet, PTFE board, polyethylene plate; also useful thin metal plate (white metal, Stainless steel) will be asbestos and other non-metallic materials wrapped into metal package gasket; there is a thin steel belt and asbestos with the winding wound gasket, the most commonly used is a stainless steel band and graphite wound into Of the metal spiral wound gasket, depending on the use of the environment, the winding belt can also be used asbestos. Ordinary rubber gasket for the temperature below 120 ℃; asbestos rubber gasket for water vapor temperature of less than 450 ℃, the oil temperature is below 350 ℃, the pressure is less than 5MPa of the occasion, for the general corrosive Medium, the most commonly used acid-resistant asbestos board. In high-pressure equipment and pipelines, the use of copper, aluminum, 10 steel, stainless steel lenses made of other types of metal or gasket. High-pressure gasket and the sealing surface of the contact width is very narrow (line contact), the sealing surface and the gasket processing of high-quality finish. Low-voltage small-diameter wire flange, high-pressure and low-pressure large diameter are the use of welding flange, flange flange pressure and connection bolts diameter and number are different. It is often used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, paper, pharmaceutical and other joints of the pipe, valves, pumps, manholes, pressure vessels and heat sealing equipment.

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